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Designing extraordinary residences


Our dedication to designing timeless and evocative places to live has remained a cornerstone of our practice.

Whether designing a new house or a renovation, each project is guided by our deep understanding of historic precedents, our intuitive sense of the workings of modern life, and — most importantly — our close collaboration with our clients.

From the beginning, we envision a project in its entirety and custom-build our team to be responsive to our clients’ needs and who share our commitment to delivering the highest level of quality in design and execution. We work with our own in-house interior designers, landscape architects, craftspeople, and builders.



While we’re often sought out on the basis of our experience and the quality of our work, relationships are crucial to the successful design of a house: our dedication to our clients, and our proven ability to balance livability with substance for them, have inspired many to bring us on for multiple projects. In addition, we’ve worked with the sons and daughters of some of our longest-standing clients — confirming that the value of a quality-designed house can last for generations.

Forward design doesn’t mean breaking with the past; it means continuing established traditions in a fresh way. We delve into history and culture to discover the appropriate expression for each project. Our sensitivity to the natural and built surroundings, along with our deep knowledge of historical precedent, underlies our enthusiastic embrace and mastery of different architectural styles.

Wherever we work, context is paramount: a house should be of its place, rather than simply in its place. Every place has its own character, which we see as a stimulus to the creative invention; each project presents a new opportunity to apply time-honored traditional principles to a new situation, with a different form and character.



We supplement traditional hand drawing and model making with the latest technologies in visualization and presentation. In the course of design, both we and our clients have access to the newest innovations in products and engineering. Combined with the creative synergy of our dedicated partners and their teams, these resources help to guarantee work that anticipates and accommodates the future as it alludes to the past.

Architecture is a vital, living tradition, meant to be experienced. For us, no experience is more important than the one our clients have lived every day in the houses we design.

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